WINE NOT phone case


Since we record you and your addictions very well, we could not forget our wine in the new “women’s” collection. So, even if you start your coffee drinking with another cover from the collection – CAFFEINE QUEEN, we will still forgive you when you finally end up with wine, because it’s normal for us. And why wouldn’t it?

If someone next time asks you why you like wine, all you have to do is point to the title on the cover and take another sip.

The collection may seem softly feminist, but the feminist revolution was also brought by COCO CHANEL, when she began to dress women in costumes and trousers, which were until then characteristic only for men. In the clothing collection you will also find mostly trouser overalls, sets and a costume. All illustrative motives and designs are showing a woman in the position of “business woman”, named “GIRLBOSS” or “BOSSBABE” by us.

WARNING! Print possible on iPhone and Samsung as well as on other types of phones.

It is needed to write the type of phone into note by order.

Silicone ultra-thin 0.5 mm case.
It is characterized by high flexibility, thanks to which can be easily put on and put off. The cover protects the phone from scratches and dirt.

Printing is realized by UV technology.
It is characterized by bright colors and long life of your smartphone.

Please choose the correct type of your phone. Every cover is tailor-made so it is not possible to replace the cover. Complains about this product are only possible if we supply you with the wrong type of cover or the cover is damaged. We are not responsible for the incorrectly ordered type of cover.