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RED STRIPES trousers


Tailor-made Danyela art clothing line. We offer you stylish trousers in the pattern of a red and white stripe. Red is the color of the season and in addition to the fact that the color itself is already quite strong, we have also added the original poodle cut of the trousers, which is not only comfortable but also very chic. The trousers are made of harder cotton, cut from the waist. They have decorative ruffles at the waist and include a wide binding belt. Inconspicuous pockets are also included.

The clothing line has a very limited number of pieces that can be ordered. Clothing that is tailor-made can be ordered with a production time of min. 3 weeks and clothes that are delivered from abroad can be ordered after running out of stock with the same delivery time of 3 weeks. In the case of tailor sewing, order the product available that can be ordered after consultation about cloth availability we will begin the process of production of your clothing piece.

The BORN TO HUSTLE collection is created with the idea of ​​strong women. Women as creatures for activity, creativity, work on their dreams. The collection is for women and about women. About the idea of ​​women who can do many things because they have power, imagination and femininity.

The collection may seem a bit feminist, but the feminist revolution was also brought by COCO CHANEL, when she began to dress women in costumes and trousers, which until then were characteristic only for men. In the clothing collection you will also find mostly trouser overalls, sets and a costume. All illustrative motives and designs show a woman in the position of “business woman”, named “GIRLBOSS” or “BOSSBABE” by us.

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