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Drawing of fashion portraits live at your event. Interesting and original activity for your clients, customers or friends. Danyela art directly in front of the audience captures visitors in the form of illustrations.

Drawing of sketches is possible either directly electronically (sending a portrait via email at the event) or physical drawing (the visitor will take the portrait with him immediately). One portrait lasts about 15 minutes.

The price also includes decorations that the author will bring with her. Boxes of flowers, banners, paintings, books of illustrations, etc. (Everything after an agreement with the event organizer. For more photos, see also our fashion illustration workshops)

The price is given per hour of work and is only informational. In the case of interest, “order” this product or contact us via email at info@danyelaart.com with more information about the event and the length of the event.

Danyela art drawing live in front of the audience was also appreciated by clients such as Eurovea Shopping Center, Miss Slovakia, FALCK, fashion designer Lýdia Eckhardt, Reebok, ČSOB Leasing, ESET and others.

Out of stock