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The illustration captures GIRLBOSS with all the attributes that belong to her. COFFEE TO GO, a deep enough HERMÉS handbag for all important things during a long working day, one small CHANEL for every occasion and a stylish outfit for all important meetings. simply BUSY WOMAN.

The BORN TO HUSTLE collection is created with the idea of ​​strong women. Women as creatures for activity, creativity, work on their dreams. The collection is for women and about women. About the idea of ​​women who can do many things because they have power, imagination and femininity.

The collection may seem a bit feminist, but the feminist revolution was also brought by COCO CHANEL, when she began to dress women in costumes and trousers, which until then were characteristic only for men. In the clothing collection you will also find mostly trouser overalls, sets and a costume. All illustrative motives and designs show a woman in the position of “business woman”, named “GIRLBOSS” or “BOSSBABE” by us.

Material: 100% cotton

Print on T-shirts is realized by digital printing.