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Do it with Heart CAMEL biker SHORTS


Introducing the new #DOitWITHheart collection and its new delicious designs. You will fall in love with pastel – candy and earthy colors with playful and original designs.

These biker shorts are the top piece of the season! This piece is part of the triple set, but is also able to be used separately in other outfits. Stylish set intended not only for home, but also for work or out for a walk.

When we are talking about material, the cloth we have chosen for the production is very pleasant to the touch and look and is much higher quality and luxurious than classic sweatpants material. The upper part of the sweatshirt has a drawstring at the bottom, which allows you to leave it loose or pull it into the crop sweatshirt.

The Danyela art clothing collection is made tailored and to order. No pieces in stock. If you are interested in this type of clothing, make an order and we will contact you with further information about the delivery time and questions for you.

Warning. The collection is limited by a limited number of pieces for production.

Delivery time of sewed clothing are minimal 3 weeks after payment.

Out of stock


This product is 100% designed and produced in Slovakia. MADE IN SLOVAKIA