BOSS BABE phone case



BOSS BABE. Young ambitious woman. Business woman. Imagine under it whatever you want. Boss babe sees high goals that are not unreachable. She know about her ambition to be a successful and happy woman. She uses her gift and talent to build her own world and her own work. everything is going well. By small but right steps.

Do business, work, play creatively and pull yourself further together with this inspiring phone case. It talks not much but it gives much.

WARNING! Print possible on iPhone and Samsung as well as on other types of phones.

It is needed to write the type of phone into note by order.

Silicone ultra-thin 0.5 mm case.
It is characterized by high flexibility, thanks to which can be easily put on and put off. The cover protects the phone from scratches and dirt.

Printing is realized by UV technology.
It is characterized by bright colors and long life of your smartphone.